Our Methods

Both Pilates and Feldenkrais methods are great ways to improve fitness and body awareness. Pilates is focused on muscle toning and balance, whereas Feldenkrais is focused on relearning new, healthier ways of movement. Pilates exercises involve sophisticated machinery or mat props. Feldenkrais comes in two shapes: hands-on bodywork, as well as exercises on the floor. Please note that we practice an extension of Feldenkrais method, which is now known as ABM NeuroMovement.


At our San Mateo studio we use state-of-the-art sophisticated Pilates equipment. We offer private, semi-private and small group exercise classes (up-to 6 people) on the equipment, as well as on the floor. Under a careful guidance of our experienced instructors, our clients are able to do over 200 Pilates exercises and variations. Majority of our clients come to us with various chronic conditions, and our main focus is safety and developing body awareness. We pay a lot of attention to detail and help with home-based programs as well.

Feldenkrais & NeuroMovement

Feldenkrais® Method is a form of a movement re-education that helps with chronic pain and limitations on the neuromuscular level. Dr. Feldenkrais believed that increasing a person’s self-awareness of functional movement could lead to increased function, reduced pain, and greater ease and pleasure of movement. Anat Baniel Method evolved from the Feldenkrais method based on the modern understanding of brain plasticity and relationship between neurology and movement. Anat Baniel (our teacher and the founder of this method) was a student and close collaborator of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. Originally started as a style of Feldenkrais method, Anat Baniel's method is now well-known as NeuroMovement™.